(deep dish) sweet potato pie

The weekend before Thanksgiving I left the Middle East for a colder clime. (Who would willingly leave 80 degree weather for just above freezing temperatures?) What brought me to said colder clime is that my dear sister is studying abroad in Berlin, and so I spent a lovely weekend in the land of currywurst, quark, mayonnaise, and beer. […]

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pumpkin pie

Last weekend a perfect autumn day fell upon Jerusalem. I’m talking about sky blue perfect, the sun so bright you can’t really see anything perfect, the kind of perfect where it hurts to breathe because the air is so crisp and clear it stings. And let’s not even start on that singular autumn scent: that sharp clean […]

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Fluffiest pancakes

It’s a bold claim, but in all my pancake making experience I’ve yet to  encounter fluffier. If this fluffiest of pancake recipes is short of anything (which it isn’t), it especially isn’t short on leavening. Three things make this pancake recipe Extra Fluffy: 1) homemade buttermilk, 2) baking powder, and 3) baking soda. You don’t […]

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