cream scones

These scones come from the Joy of Cooking, and I’ve found them to be one of the easiest baked goods to make, period. I promise that if you make these you will impress everybody, and you won’t even have to tell them that it took you 5 minutes to bring the dough together and a […]

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double chocolate torte

Weighing in at one pound of chocolate, three-quarters of a pound of butter, and nine eggs, I’ve had exactly two excuses to make this cake. I would ideally make it more often, but its general heft keeps me from breaking it out except for once every other blue moon. It’s my firm belief that if you’re […]

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leek and mushroom quiche

I don’t think there’s anything more perfect than quiche. It’s set up to be delicious (butter + eggs + cheese + cream/milk + sautéed veggies = a very special kind of happiness), and the best part is that it’s relatively pretty easy to pull together. This quiche is simple but serious: leeks simmered with butter and water until they […]

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chocolate buckwheat cake

I’m in a bit of a buckwheat craze. It all started out innocently enough that time I made a dutch baby. Now, If you’ve ever had a dutch baby, you’ll understand my excitement, and in my ensuing dutch baby craze I discovered a recipe for a buckwheat version with salted caramel. One thing led to […]

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